Erica Lee

I created this community in 2016 out of my own personal need to move around in a space made for outdoorsy humans - where BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people would also feel welcome and comfortable.

I grew up in New Mexico and Washington State with my parents and older sister. My dad is a chemist, and my mom is a botanist. We spent our weekends and summers foraging, hiking, backpacking, or exploring the rivers and cliffs that surrounded our house in New Mexico. 

Fun fact: I was adopted at birth - But I was able to meet both of my biological parents due to a little persistence, and a little internet sleuthing. (Thank you Facebook!)

I have a 13 year old son, but he rarely wants to hike with me anymore - He prefers snowboarding, basketball, riding his bike, and water sports.

My favorite PNW hike is Cascade Pass up to the Sahale Glacier Camp. We were lucky enough to sleep up there in August one year!

Marie Lambert

I was born at the Great Lakes Naval Base in Illinois., My Dad was a Marine. I grew up in Cleveland, OH.

I moved to the Pacific Northwest  when my sister informed me that she got a full ride scholarship to Oregon State University. We drove cross country together. I started out in the Puget Sound area but after 3 months I moved to Oregon to hang out with her. Between then and now, I have lived in Oregon, California, Idaho, and Las Vegas. Washington is my favorite!

I didn't hike much in Oregon because school was my focus. I started really hiking when I moved to Las Vegas, and then I moved to California and signed up for a Wilderness Basics course through the Sierra Club. It's been non-stop hiking ever since.

I have a younger brother who is a SERE trainer in the Airforce, and all 3 of us love the outdoors.

My adventure rig is a 1997 Ford Explorer. It is my longest relationship at 20 years and over 300,000 miles. It just keeps going! I even did a road trip through Canada to Alaska in it one summer.