Product Review - MODL Complete


The MODL is a utility bottle. It's innovative and versatile - and it's kind of mind blowing! I had a 4 day backpacking adventure planned in the Enchantments, and was looking for an alternative to packing the usual 3L of water up 8 miles on my back. I ordered the MODL Complete kit and had my fingers crossed that I would receive it with enough time to field test it prior to my backpacking adventure, but it ended up arriving the afternoon before we hit the road to Leavenworth. No better way to test something than to dive right in! I took it in place of my usual Camelbak - and I was not disappointed.

The MODL Complete consists of a silicone bottle, similar in size to a Nalgene, but with much more functionality. The bottle opens on both ends, and comes with several "MODS" (or lids) that allow you to use your bottle in several unique ways - as a regular water bottle, as a hydration pack, as a water filter, and even as a back country shower.

 I took the Multi mod lid, the Pure mod, and the Flow mod with me on my trip - which allowed me to use the bottle as a filter and a hydration pack simultaneously.

Based upon my familiarity of the Snow Lakes trail, and by reading recent trip reports - I knew there would be the usual/ample water sources all the way up to Upper Snow Lake, and continuing on into the Core - so I wasn't too worried about swapping a larger vestibule for the MODL bottle. This was actually an ideal trail to test out the new bottle because of all of the water sources that would be available throughout the whole trek.

When I travel using a Camelbak, I generally carry 3L of water - plus a Nalgene filled with electrolytes. I looked at carrying the MODL in a similar way. So starting up to our destination of Upper Snow Lake, I was carrying a full MODL bottle of water (36oz/1.1L) and 1 full Nalgene with electrolytes added. 

Because I already had the Pure mod attached inside of my bottle on the way up, filling up consisted of me simply taking off the lid, dipping the bottle into the creek or lake, and screwing the lid back on. The water is pulled through the filter as I drink it, so the whole set up was super simple and convenient - and I drank the same amount of water as I would have with my 3L Camelbak - I just didn't have to carry it all at once!

The next day - the 8 of us day hiked up into the Core Enchantments for some exploring amongst the alpine lakes and the golden larches. We couldn't have hit a better weather window considering there was snow the previous weekend, and rain the following weekend. Again - I used the MODL as a filtering hydration pack, but this time with an added functionality. I was able to modify the placement of the filter on the Multi lid, and filter lake water through my MODL into my friend's water vestibules to replenish their water as well! Truly a mind blowing moment for us, and so helpful on this trip.

I did find it a bit more laborious during "daily life" at camp to have a smaller vestibule for water. Most of what and how we eat/drink and clean up in the backcountry is done with considerable amounts of water. (Chai tea and oatmeal for breakfast, dehydrated soups/noodles for dinner, water for rinsing dishes, etc). I kind of anticipated this, and not only brought my Nalgene to help support - but also a Platypus DuoLock soft bottle, and a Sea to Summit "kitchen sink" to fill and hold water at camp for per diem filtering/use.

I did not get to use the Rinse mod yet - but I am really looking forward to warmer weather backpacking next year to put that into play!

The way out was much like the way in - although I don't usually drink as much water on the way down. (After 4 days in the backcountry - I am anticipating that cold celebratory beer that has my name on it once we reach civilization again)!

Overall, this is a piece of gear that worked really for me on this trip. I felt it had great functionality that fit really well into what I needed and wanted out of it. I still feel like there are many more ways to incorporate it's use into both day hiking and backpacking, and I am excited to explore all of the ways that it can be useful on my adventures. 

If you too would like to explore this great piece of gear - Visit and use my code HAPPYHIKERS to receive an additional 15% off of your purchase. I highly recommend starting out with the MODL Complete package with all of the MODS included.