The Only leggings I will hike in (Sustainable & Ethically made active wear)


I hike a lot! I also enjoy a multi-day backpacking trips throughout the year in all 4 seasons. I spent several years searching high and low for the perfect pair of leggings that would keep me cool when it's hot - and warm when it's cold out. Several pairs disintegrated before I made it home from a trip, and some of them smelled so bad I wished I could have left them behind in the woods! But I believe I have found the perfect pair of leggings for the type of adventures that I partake in.

The Compressive Highrise Legging from Girlfriend Collective checks all my boxes: Price, durability, breathability, sustainable & ethically made, fit & look.

Price: They are regularly $68, which isn't bad at all compared to other high end leggings that perform comparably. They also have sales, and a loyalty program where you can earn points/rewards.

Durability: They don't snag! I fall a lot on the trail, and the rocks don't phase them. Neither do the brush/branches I have come into contact with. I have even had my kitty sink his claw into my leg through the legging, and it just left a tiny pin hole that didn't spread into a scratch or a snag. These things are gold!

Breathability: I have tried other brands while backpacking, and by the end of the 1st day my crotch smells like something died up there! It's just a material/breathability issue.. But Girlfriend keeps all my parts fresh and dry. They feel cool in the heat and they are just warm enough in the winter for me to not need another layer over them when I am snowshoeing. I swear they have built in lungs that help regulate my temperature.

Sustainable & ethically made: They make their leggings out of plastic water bottles that would otherwise clog landfills and pollute the earth. Read about their process here. Their packaging is also 100% recycled and recyclable. AND - They have a "ReGirlfriend" program where you can send your old and used Compressive leggings back to them to recycle and make something new - and they will give you store credit in return! Full circle. There is nothing to not love about them.

Fit & Look: They are snug as a bug, and do not slip down. They are also truly solid - no see through butt! They look sleek and check out the body positive and diverse models they feature regularly on their website! Swoon! I buy a size *smaller* in the Compressive leggings than I do in other brands.

It you'd like to try them for yourself - Click the button below. I'd love to hear what you think! (I know you will also be a Customer for life!)