Summit Lake - 8/15/2020

Summit Lake is a heavily used out and back trail in the Mt. Rainier area, but just outside of the Park boundary so dogs are allowed on this trail. It is 6.1 miles round trip with only 1300ft of elevation gain - so it is also popular with backpackers.

The trail starts under the canopy of the forest as you climb the 2.5 miles of gentile switchbacks up to the lake. Once at the lake you have the option of continuing around the back side to Summit Peak. There are backcountry campsites all the way up to the peak with some of the best views - Keep going! From the peak, the trail continues around the far side of the lake all the way back to the main trail.

Special note - There is no privy at this trailhead. Make sure you bring the necessary supplies to potty off the trail and pack out any wipes/tp with you.