I had a friend text me a photo of a mushroom tonight and ask me to identify it for her. I did! But it made me remember that saying.. "Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime."

Enter PNW fall with a strong side of winter knocking on the door! This past summer I had so much fun making up new fresh galette recipes with whatever seasonal fruit I had on hand.. Blackberry and orange zest, blueberry cardamom, and my favorite - strawberry rhubarb with lemon zest and a dollop of fresh whip on top!

The MODL is a utility bottle. It's innovative and versatile - and it's kind of mind blowing! I had a 4 day backpacking adventure planned in the Enchantments, and was looking for an alternative to packing the usual 3L of water up 8 miles on my back. I ordered the MODL Complete kit and had my fingers crossed that I...

We're getting ready to head out for 4 days of car camping and day hiking, and I like to make things as easy as possible by prepping snacks and meals as much as I can before we don't have all of the conveniences of home at our fingertips.

Okay - We've talked about the wrong pair of leggings that can leave you smelling not so fresh down there on those multi-day backpacking trips. But we haven't talked about how to freshen up while abiding by Leave No Trace principals.

I hike a lot! I also enjoy a multi-day backpacking trips throughout the year in all 4 seasons. I spent several years searching high and low for the perfect pair of leggings that would keep me cool when it's hot - and warm when it's cold out. Several pairs disintegrated before I made it home from a trip, and some...